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Choral Program

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Belle Voci

Aviator Chorale Ladies

Aviator Chorale Men

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exhilarating collaborations

With universities and professional groups from around the world:

iconic rock band Foreigner,

Country music artist Eric Church,

Actor Whoopi Goldberg,

The Cincinnati Pops and

Nairobi Girls Chorale,

Among others.

Superior ratings

Consistently earn Superior ratings at OMEA district and state adjudicated events.

Sycamore Community Schools Choral Program

The Sycamore Community Schools Choral Program serves 800 students in grades 5 through 12, spanning 16 curricular and extracurricular ensembles. The intermediate school program competes regularly in the national Trills and Thrills adjudicated event with directors Joe Dilley and Kristin Anderson, and the junior high program has performed at Carnegie Hall under the direction of Deborah Stein and Jesse Callahan.


The volunteering and fundraising and expert assistance to the Aves Choral Program is integral to its success in forming our young vocalists.

Book a Choir!

Bring a choir to your event! 

We can make special appearances to support your event.  

Trip to Disney

Three magical days of fun and adventure at the Disney Hollywood Studios. All members and future members of the choral program are eligible.

We Appreciate Our Patrons!

Benefactor Level

Ken & Amber Holdt
Terri & Raghu Srinivasan

Underwriter Level

Chair Level

The Walker Family
Rodney and Rebecca Roof

Diva Level

Jae & Marcia Amos
Kyle Ballman
Rob and Leslie Calabrese
Mark and Amy Christenson
Brad and Tami Comerford
Lara & Jason Gonzalez
Jonah Knobler
Mary Naylor
Group Travel Planners
Rashmi & Ratan Tadiparthi
Jamie Gibson & Tim Ferrier
Joan Villani
Beth & Ryan Weber
Jonathan & Kam Wick

Star Level

Leslie & Rob Calabrese
Genovese Family
Amy Gray
Susan Heitmeyer
Mary and John Kmet
Peggy Schramm

Soloist Level

Leslie & Rob Calabrese
Miriam Chowdhury
Faith Coman
Ann Howard
Alex Joseph
Cara Killgore
Megan Lee
Alpa Sawnani
Nicolette Vanderklaauw
John & Mary VanOsdol
Ann Walker

Quartet Level

Faith Coman
Faith Coman
Betsy Finn

Choir Level

Angela Mazzi
Jill Jackson

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The support of parents and community is a keynote in making the Choral Program at Sycamore HS a success!
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“Students who participate in rigorous arts programs are more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, elected to class office, participate in a math or science fair, win an award for school attendance, or for writing an essay or poem.”

- Stanford University Report

“Students involved in public school music programs
 scored 107 points higher on the SATs than students with no music participation.”

- The College Board

“66% of undergraduate music majors who applied to medical school were admitted the highest percentage of any other undergraduate major (even Biology!). ”

- Phi Delta Kappan