2023 Solo and Ensemble Contest

Registration Closes Thursday, 12/8/2022 @ 11:59 p.m. Saturday, 12/10/2022 @ 11:59 p.m.

 Competition Information

Saturday, January 28th, 2023

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Anderson High School
7560 Forest Road
Cincinnati, OH 45255

 *Event is Free to the Public*

-Students earn Semester Exam credit by electing to take a solo to this event.

-Students earn Growth Quotient credit by electing to reflect on their solo performance.

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2023 Solo and Ensemble Contest

Music for Songs you can Borrow from Aves Choir

List of Songs You Can Borrow from Aves Choir

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Aves Choir
Aves Choir

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Current Participant List

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12/15/2022ColinBattsonSoloThe Vagabond (Bass)
12/14/2022JosephArietaSoloDown Among the Dead Men (Bass)
12/13/2022ElianaVeotteSoloGo, Tell It on the Mountain
12/12/2022KristinaFultzSoloThis Little Rose (Low)
12/10/2022HannahAlexSoloThe Crucifixion
12/10/2022YajathBirruSoloCaro mio ben (Low)
12/10/2022SadieWhalenSoloAmerican Lullaby (Mezzo Soprano)
12/10/2022EllaGieslerSoloWeep you no more (Soprano)
12/10/2022NatalieSieverdingSoloLe Violette (Soprano)
12/10/2022LeesaChintapalliSoloAll The Pretty Little Horses (Medium)
12/10/2022ArianaStokesSoloDanny Boy (Low)
12/10/2022IsabelleShadeSoloFain Would I Change That Note
12/10/2022ElianaClaytonSoloO cessate di piagarmi (Mezzo Soprano)
12/10/2022RyanQianSoloTo the Sky (Medium)
12/10/2022JuliaMillerSoloHomeward Bound (Low)
12/10/2022HeidiJaegerSoloLove Has Eyes (Alto)
12/10/2022AndreaIsaacsSoloEverywhere I Look
12/10/2022EmmaPowellSoloAt the River
12/10/2022CatherineMillerSoloIf there were Dreams to Sell
12/10/2022AmaryajaTrotterSoloGo 'Way From My Window (Low)
12/10/2022JosephinaMorelliSoloDanny Boy (Low)
12/10/2022DevinLoveSoloThe Water is Wide (Low)
12/10/2022KiahnaVolmerSoloAll The Pretty Little Horses (Medium)
12/10/2022CateBingcangSoloO Rest in the Lord (Mezzo Soprano)
12/10/2022ClaytonWallaceSoloCome Ye Blessed
12/10/2022RachelWallaceSoloEl Majo Timido (Alto)
12/10/2022ChloeBeck-WaltermanSoloTo the Sky (Low)
12/10/2022TaelynRiceSoloI Attempt From Love's Sickness (Alto)
12/09/2022MadelynCalabreseSoloBlow, Blow Thou Winter Wind (Low)
12/09/2022LucasCalabreseSoloWere You There? (Low)
12/09/2022HannahDonnellanSoloO Rest in the Lord (Alto)
12/09/2022JackSmithSoloAmazing Grace (Tenor)
12/08/2022AdamLinserSoloThe Rovin' Gambler
12/08/2022SamBringleSoloThe Trumpeter
12/08/2022GraceHowardSoloDidn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?
12/08/2022EvanGonzalezSoloEvery Time I Feel the Spirit
12/08/2022SophiaBrownSoloAll The Pretty Little Horses (Medium)
12/08/2022SarahWahlquistSoloTo a Little Child
12/08/2022JuliaZinnbauerSoloSe Tu M'ami (Low)
12/08/2022AnyaSawnaniSoloWho'll Buy My Lavender?
12/08/2022BenjaminMcCarthySoloThe Vagabond (Baritone)
12/08/2022LyricGoldenSoloSimple Gifts (Hayes)
12/08/2022KateChristensonSoloThe Daisies (Mezzo Soprano)
12/08/2022ScarletBalesSoloThe Silver Swan
12/08/2022BadenDannerSoloI Wonder as I Wander (Low)
12/07/2022NoahSongSoloWere You There? (Low)
12/07/2022MiaSchradelSoloTo the Sky (Low)
12/07/2022MadisonRickSoloThe Loveliest of Trees (High)
12/07/2022JaedynAmosSoloDanny Boy (High)