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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

2019 Solo and Ensemble Contest


Registration Closed Thursday, December 13, 2018

Saturday, January 26th, 2019

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Elder High School
3900 Vincent Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45205
 *Event is Free to the Public*

-Students earn Semester Exam credit by electing to take a solo to this event.

-Students earn Performance Credit by completing their required performance as part of an ensemble.

-Students earn Growth Quotient credit by electing to reflect on their solo or ensemble performance.


Songs you can Borrow from Holdt

2019 All Vocal Solo List

2019 Soprano Solo List

2019 Mezzo Soprano Solo List

2019 Alto Solo List

2019 Tenor Solo List

2019 Baritone Solo List

2019 Bass Solo List

2019 General Soloist Info

2019 General Ensembles Info

Rules Reminders

Sycamore Solo and Ensemble Schedule

Directions to Elder HS and Elder Floor Plan

All Rooms Schedule

Aves Choir
Aves Choir
Aves Choir

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Current Participant List



12/19/2016Aviator ChoraleWomen GreenEnsembleTBD
12/19/2016Aviator ChoraleMen GreenEnsembleTBD
12/19/2016Aviator ChoraleMen GoldEnsembleTBD
12/19/2016Aviator ChoraleWomen GoldEnsembleTBD
12/19/2016SycamoreBella VoceEnsembleTBD
12/19/2016SycamoreSelect EnsembleEnsembleTBD
12/14/2016IanSuddarthSoloAll the Pretty Little Horses
12/14/2016BlessedCollinsSoloAmazing Grace
12/14/2016ReginaZamudioSoloSally Gardens
12/13/2016MiriamChowdhurySoloThe Water is Wide
12/13/2016NadiaGloverSoloThe Lass from the Low Countree
12/13/2016DishaPatelSoloTo the Sky
12/13/2016Mark DecileSoloWere You There?
12/13/2016AllyLinserSoloThe Daisies
12/13/2016GiorgiaMezzabottaSoloO cessate di piagarmi
12/13/2016LeslieBrownSoloEverywhere I Look
12/13/2016BethanyBrownSoloThe Lass from the Low Countree
12/13/2016EmmaTraylorSoloSong of the Blackbird
12/13/2016DanielTorresSoloO del mio dolce ardor
12/13/2016AsalyaSamievaEnsemble and SoloThe Lass from the Low Countree
12/13/2016JackSpellmanSoloLoch Lomond
12/12/2016KatieStaffieraSoloDanza, danza
12/12/2016MatildeMujanayiSoloTo the Sky
12/12/2016BenjaminSwartSoloO Isis und Osiris
12/12/2016AndrewRinesSoloCaro mio ben
12/12/2016kennedybyrdEnsemble and SoloAmazing Grace
12/11/2016Eli CohenSoloLong Time Ago
12/11/2016Christine Macke Ensemble and SoloCome To The Fair
12/11/2016SamBaransSoloWeep You No More
12/11/2016TimurTulabaevEnsemble and SoloWhen First We Met
12/10/2016BretlynYetterSoloCome Ready and See Me
12/08/2016KaitlynnHerzogSoloWholl Buy My Lavender
12/06/2016MaggieBallardSoloAll the Pretty Little Horses
12/06/2016AmandaGeraciSoloCouldnt Hear Nobody Pray
12/06/2016ElizabethGeraciSoloCouldnt Hear Nobody Pray
12/04/2016Zarria GraySoloThe Lass from the Low Countree
12/03/2016NathalieDelgadoSoloO Rest in the Lord
11/30/2016EmmaSmithSoloVergin, tutto amor
11/28/2016GavinGibsonSoloBelieve Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms
11/27/2016HaripriyaSakthivelSoloQuia Respexit
11/22/2016HannaLeonardSoloThe Green Dog
11/19/2016KyleBallmanSoloWhen I Think Upon the Maidens
11/18/2016JoeyPolaskySoloVittoria, mio core
11/16/2016Debasmita Kanungo Ensemble and SoloDanny Boy
11/16/2016NatalieKerrSoloEvening Prayer