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Sunday, January 24, 2021

2020 Solo and Ensemble Contest



Registration Closes Friday, December 13, 2019


Saturday, February 8th, 2020

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Anderson High School
7560 Forest Road
Cincinnati, OH 45255

 *Event is Free to the Public*

-Students earn Semester Exam credit by electing to take a solo to this event.

-Students earn Performance Credit by completing their required performance as part of an ensemble.

-Students earn Growth Quotient credit by electing to reflect on their solo or ensemble performance.


Songs you can Borrow from Holdt

2020 All Vocal Solo List

2020 Soprano Solo List

2020 Mezzo Soprano Solo List

2020 Alto Solo List

2020 Tenor Solo List

2020 Baritone Solo List

2020 Bass Solo List

Sycamore Solo and Ensemble Schedule 

Anderson HS Floor Plan

All Rooms Schedule

Aves Choir
Aves Choir
Aves Choir


The Boosters underwrite all classtime rehearsal time with your accompanist.  This covers the day-of competition expenses of having your accompanist there.

Would you be willing to support students in need of scholarships to participate in this experience?


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Current Participant List

12/12/2018ElizabethStaffieraSoloThe Silver Swan
12/18/2017EricGonzalezSoloLong Time Ago
12/17/2017JackGenoveseSoloThe Water is Wide
12/15/2017ChynaEskridgeSoloLong Time Ago
12/15/2017MatildeMujanayiSoloAmazing Grace
12/14/2017TrisheenaFisherSoloCouldnt Hear Nobody Pray
12/14/2017MiriamChowdhurySoloWayfaring Stranger
12/14/2017JoshuaWilliamsSoloLong Time Ago
12/14/2017JackSpellmanSoloDown Among the Dead Men
12/14/2017MaddieSuhSoloTo the Sky
12/14/2017AlexaCristinzioSoloWhen Love Is Kind
12/14/2017WillBeverSoloLoch Lomond
12/14/2017CaseyJohnsonSoloAmarilli, mia bella
12/14/2017ErinMcDonoughSoloSong of the Blackbird
12/14/2017JindoraLumpkinSoloTo the Sky
12/14/2017AllyLinserSoloLove Has Eyes
12/14/2017ElizabethStaffieraSoloAmazing Grace
12/14/2017KatieStaffieraSoloDe que me sirve
12/14/2017CalebCopleySoloLong Time Ago
12/14/2017SerenaHewittSoloTo the Sky
12/14/2017SamBaransSoloWarm as the Autumn Night
12/14/2017AbbegailIredaleSoloTo the Sky
12/14/2017JoeyPolaskySoloVittoria, mio core
12/14/2017LondonBrinkmanSoloLe Violette
12/14/2017ZarriaGraySoloWere You There?
12/14/2017TylerIngleSoloDown Among the Dead Men
12/14/2017ElizabethGeraciSoloThe Water is Wide
12/14/2017DanielTorresSoloHey Ho the Wind and the Rain
12/14/2017JackWolfeSoloTo the Sky
12/14/2017KennedyByrdSoloAll the Pretty Little Horses
12/14/2017TanylaLewisSoloAmazing Grace
12/14/2017Blessed-KiarraCollinsSoloTo the Sky
12/14/2017Kyle Ballman SoloThe Vagabond
12/14/2017PrestonFranklinSoloTo the Sky
12/13/2017ThaParSoloTo the Sky
12/13/2017Debasmita Kanungo SoloThe Lass from the Low Countree
12/13/2017GavinGibsonSoloDer Wanderer
12/13/2017IsabelHenrySoloLove Has Eyes
12/13/2017MaggieBallardSoloSilent Noon
12/13/2017NoellaBlackSoloThe Water is Wide
12/13/2017KaitlynnHerzogSoloPorque toco el pandero (in Spanish)
12/13/2017BethanyBrownSoloLa mi sola, Laureola
12/12/2017AsalyaSamievaSoloZions Walls
12/12/2017FarzonaSamievaSoloThe Water is Wide
12/12/2017Lauren Pontis SoloAll the Pretty Little Horses
12/11/2017HannaLeonardSoloAmarilli, mia bella
12/11/2017Anna Ingle SoloDanny Boy
12/11/2017BenjaminSwartSoloSi Tra I Ceppi